Vision Therapy helps student become more confident and focused!

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Vision Therapy helped me become more confident and focused!

Before vision therapy John struggled with reading, spelling and handwriting. He was also having challenges with emotional outbursts and became frustrated with many areas of daily life. Dr. Levin prescribed vision therapy, which is a series of designed eye and vision-based exercises to improve John’s fine motor skills in focusing, eye coordination, perception and eye teaming.

Since completing vision therapy, John is more relaxed, calm, and focused. He no longer struggles with schoolwork and has a positive outlook when faced with challenges. John now enjoys reading, writing and completing his homework. Also, he is more confident with school activates, sports and friends. School and daily activities are no longer overwhelming and he has exhibited an increase in classroom performance.

Congratulations John!  We are very proud of you and look forward to your future accomplishments!

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